Amazon Web Services(AWS)-Terminal User Interface App-Part1

Technologies used:

This app is built by integrating Linux and Python3.


AWS CLI to be installed.

AWS-TUI File Structure
$ python3
AWS TUI login

EC2 Services:

Inside EC2 service, there are different sub-services offered such as key-pair, launch instance, instance SSH login, instance details, instance services, etc.

EC2-Key-Pair service

EC2 Instance SSH login:

For SSH login to the instance, we required the .pem key file. This file must be present inside the AWS_TUI directory.

EC2-Instance SSH login

Getting the required Instance details:

Get required Instance details

Launching an Instance:

Launching EC2 instance using AWS-TUI
A new instance is launched using AWS-TUI

IAM Services:

Inside IAM services, there are different sub-services offered such as create an IAM user, create an access key, attach user policy, etc.

Creating an IAM user:

Creating an IAM user using AWS-TUI

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