Amazon Web Services(AWS)-Terminal User Interface App-Part1

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We all know that AWS(or any other cloud) can be accessed by using AWS console in any web browser. But the industry doesn’t work like this. In industry instead of console, CLI(Command Line Interface) is used to access the cloud. One of the reasons behind this is that the servers usually don’t have GUI and the only way to access the cloud is by using CLI.

Accessing AWS(or Any Cloud) using CLI is so much powerful that about 99% of the industry use cases can be solved by using it!

Many of the non-technical developers don’t understand the commands. And remembering all of the commands is a tedious task. So, as a solution to this problem, I’d started working on an App which is a Terminal User Interface (TUI). By using this app, users don’t require to remember the commands for accessing the AWS cloud using CLI.

Technologies used:

This app is built by integrating Linux and Python3.


AWS CLI to be installed.

AWS-TUI File Structure

Here, is the entry-point of this app.

$ python3

When user first-time runs this app, the user required to authenticate. The code for authentication is written in the auth/ file.

AWS TUI login

For authentication, the user required Access Key Id and Secret Access Key which can only be obtained at the time of user creation.

After successful authentication, the user can access different services offered by AWS.

In the services directory, currently, two services are added viz, EC2 and IAM.

EC2 Services:

Inside EC2 service, there are different sub-services offered such as key-pair, launch instance, instance SSH login, instance details, instance services, etc.

EC2-Key-Pair service

EC2 Instance SSH login:

For SSH login to the instance, we required the .pem key file. This file must be present inside the AWS_TUI directory.

EC2-Instance SSH login

Getting the required Instance details:

Get required Instance details

Launching an Instance:

Launching EC2 instance using AWS-TUI
A new instance is launched using AWS-TUI

IAM Services:

Inside IAM services, there are different sub-services offered such as create an IAM user, create an access key, attach user policy, etc.

Creating an IAM user:

Creating an IAM user using AWS-TUI

Here is the link for the source code of this app:

Until now, Part-1 of the upcoming many parts of the AWS-TUI app is developed. As I’m currently learning and implementing regularly these concepts in this app, this app will continue to upgrade day by day.

Link to the Part-2

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