Amazon Web Services(AWS)-Terminal User Interface App-Part2

Project Structure:

AWS-TUI File Structure
$ python3

AWS S3 Services:

S3 directory contains the file This file provides lots of useful functions to work with S3 service.

AWS-TUI: Three Buckets Initially
AWS-TUI: Creating a New Bucket
AWS-TUI: New Bucket is Created
AWS-TUI: Uploading File To The Bucket
AWS-TUI: File Is Uploaded
  • Delete Bucket: This function has two sub-functions. To delete the empty bucket and the non-empty bucket.
  • Empty Bucket: This function will remove all of the objects from the bucket.
AWS-TUI: Removing All Files From Bucket And Deleting The Bucket
AWS-TUI: Bucket Is Deleted
  • Get Bucket Access Control List: This function will return the access control list(ACL) of a bucket.
AWS-TUI: Getting List of Bucket Files And Getting Bucket ACL
  • Get Object Access Control List: Returns the access control list (ACL) of an object. To use this operation, you must have READ_ACP access to the object.
AWS-TUI: Getting Object ACL

AWS CloudTrail Servcies:

This service is so powerful and very useful in monitoring that, whatever we do on the cloud, it keeps all of the records(logs). These records are known as events. CloudTrail has all of the logs such as who logged in, who entered the wrong password, who terminated the instance, etc.

AWS-TUI: Getting ALl Event Logs
AWS-TUI: Getting the Last Event Logs
AWS-TUI: Creating New Trail
AWS-TUI: New Trail Is Created
AWS-TUI: Get All Of The Trail Details
  • Delete Trail: Removes the specified trail permanently.
AWS-TUI: Getting Required Trail Details and Deleting The Trail

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