Amazon Web Services(AWS)-Terminal User Interface App-Part3

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Project Structure:

AWS-TUI File Structure
$ python3

CloudFront services:

CloudFront directory contains the file file. This file provides us many options to work with CloudFront services. Let’s discuss some options:

AWS-TUI: Content of the S3 bucket
Accessing the root object with the URL without path
Accessing the S3 bucket object by specifying the path of the object
Making the white_rose.jpg as our default object
AWS-TUI: List Distributions
AWS-TUI: Get Distribution
AWS-TUI: Delete the CloudFront Distribution

Updated EC2 services:

Snapshot is a very powerful concept provided by AWS. By using snapshots, we can do the incremental-backup. Also, snapshots are so much powerful that by using them we can create our own custom AMI(Amazon Machine Image). The services/ec2/ file provides the functions to work with snapshots. Let’s discuss some of the functionalities:

AWS-TUI: Create Snapshot
AWS-TUI: New Snapshot Is Created
AWS-TUI: Get Snapshot Details
AWS-TUI: No snapshot In The N. California
AWS-TUI: Copy Snapshot
AWS-TUI: Snapshot Is Copied To The us-west-1(N. California)
AWS-TUI: Delete Snapshot
AWS-TUI: Snapshot is deleted

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