Applications of Neural Networks

Neural networks find considerable use-cases and applications in the areas where the traditional algorithms lag to provide the required performance and accuracy. Neural networks are more like how humans usually learn and this is one of the best ways for making machines learn. Because of this, neural networks are best suited for Artificial Intelligence applications. An Artificial Neural Network is a network consisting of artificial neurons.

Let's look at how neural networks are used in real-world applications.

Computer Vision

Deep neural networks are used to analyze the images and it helps in wide applications like image classification, image recognition, image restoration, and image segmentation. Computer vision trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world.


A chatbot is one of the applications that we see on regular basis. Most organizations use chatbots for customer experience. These chatbots are mostly trained using deep learning.
Chatbots need to be able to understand the intention of the sender’s message, determine what type of response to send including follow-up questions. It should also follow correct grammar while forming the responses. This is one of the core applications of the NLP (Natural Language Processing). Natural Language Processing is based on deep learning that enables computers to find meaning from input provided by users.

Autonomous vehicles

In autonomous vehicles, tons of AI models working together to achieve the self-driving feature while considering the security measures. In autonomous vehicles, mostly the input to the ML algorithm are camera images and camera streams, and the output that is generated is the action taken by the algorithm like applying break, how much the gas is required, steering angle, pedestrian detection, signal detection, etc.
NVIDIA Drive is a scalable AI platform for autonomous driving.

Language Identification and Speech Recognition

By listening to the voice, the device can identify the language of the speaker. This is done efficiently by using deep neural networks. Language Identification systems are used to classify spoken language from the provided audio sample or the audio stream. This is the first step towards speech recognition. Because for recognizing the speech, the language should be identified from the audio sample.

Highlighting faces from the images'>Background vector created by freepik —

As soon as we upload the photo on Facebook, it will instantly detect the faces within the photo and ask to tag the friends. Facebook uses Neural Networks to power its facial recognition software, as per Wikipedia.

Online shopping

Most of the time we go to the online shopping sites for buying something and we end up buying lots more than what we intended to. This is because of the intelligence running behind these sites. The AI already knows/guesses what the next item we will think to buy. This means the system knows us better than we know ourself.
Search and recommendations:
When we do search for any item on online shopping sites like Amazon, it will return the list of most relevant items. Neural Networks are used to make the algorithms learn in a most accurate way for determining which results are the most relevant to the item the user had searched for.
Amazon shows that recommendations like “Customers who bought this item also bought” or “Sponsored products related to this search” for the product we had searched. Artificial Neural Network(ANN) is used to make the algorithm learn the user's behavior and pattern.



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